Friday, May 27, 2016

#RebootFriday: How will you reboot today?

Yes, here in the States, we're on the cusp of an extended holiday weekend, but today we're also celebrating a #RebootFriday, and you can join us.

It's easy. Catch that frog you've been avoiding and take a big bite:

Get to the office an hour early.
Make that client call you've been putting off. 
File those completed project documents. 
Issue an overdue contact report. 
Send a new business proposal. 
 Watch a recording of the webinar you missed last week. 
Clean your desk. 
Finish one project before it's due.
Take a new client to lunch. 
Take an old client to lunch. 
Send a handwritten note to three contacts you've made during the past year. 
Update your LinkedIn profile. 
Clean out the bots and inactive accounts from your Twitter followers list. 

The best thing about #RebootFriday is that you choose the celebration that will make the biggest difference to your business or your life.

And while may think the Friday before a long weekend is a horrible day to reboot. It's actually the best time. Email and phone call volume will be down as everyone scurries from the office for an early start to their long weekend.

Without those interruptions, you have more opportunities to get to what matters. Focus on those one to three things that you can finish today, the things that will make the most difference. Then celebrate this #RebootFriday with a smile and a sense of accomplishment. And don't be afraid to brag. Tweet out your accomplishment, your breakthrough, your victory with the hashtag #RebootFriday.

PS: The second-best thing about #RebootFriday, is it happens more than once a year. Stay tuned for future #RebootFriday tips, ideas and inspirations. 

PSS: Thanks to my spouse and partner Susan for being the inspiration behind the first of what I hope are many #RebootFriday celebrations. #TGIM

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Friday, May 13, 2016

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